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The need to secure your home, property and family is becoming increasingly necessary. Theft of, or damage to, personal property can be a highly disturbing event. The risk of personal attack, in your own home, although very rare, would be an extremely traumatising event.

The damage and inconvenience of having your property occupied by squatters could be very costly and deprive you of your property for a very long time.

At Akita Security Services Ltd, we adhere to the principle of prevention, through extensive preparation.
You can safeguard your property with our highly trained personnel, state of the art security equipment , or a combination of both.

We have a range of residential solutions available to respond to your needs. We provide design and installation of CCTV systems and alarm response solutions as well as secure key holding.

We can install discreet equipment in and around your home , to allow you the peace of mind, to view your property from anywhere in the world.

According to your preferences, our guards can be either a highly visible deterrent or a discrete part of the day-to-day running of your household. We work for you to prevent burglary, vandalism, personal attacks, or occupancy by squatters.

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