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Response & Patrols Written: 13/11/2013
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Every 45 seconds, an attempted burglary takes place in the UK. Every 76 seconds, the housebreakers are successful.

Thatís just one of many scary facts recently released by GJD and IFSEC which has highlighted just how prolific the crimes are in this country.

Other alarming figures show that in 2011 there were 701,000 recorded burglaries, 41% of which were unsuccessful. That still leaves 59% (thatís 417,000 homes) in which property was damaged and possessions stolen.

With 25m households in the country, thatís still 2% of our homes which were targeted in one single year. Suddenly feeling rather vulnerable? Well, thankfully, there is something you can do about it.

As a leading security company based in Bedfordshire, Akita Response & Patrols offer a broad range of services which provide protection and peace of mind for domestic customers. We operate a flexible service on either short or long term contracts, depending on the kind of security care you require.

Think that sounds expensive? Think again. We can perform routine patrols while youíre on holiday from £12/visit (and weíll keep you fully updated) or if you require something more permanent, we can provide a rapid response team linked to your alarm receiving centre for fast action when itís needed most. For more solutions available from Akita contact us now on 01234 780222

With the recent report showing that the average cost of a successful break-in costs around £2,500, itís a shrewd move to reduce the risk of burglary by employing the services of a reliable and licenced security company. Whatís more, your insurance premiums may even be reduced by taking extra security measures.

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