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5 Office Security Tips Written: 19/11/2013
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We all have the right to feel safe, secure and relaxed in our place of work, but maintaining a secure office can be difficult. In addition to the comings and goings of permanent staff, there are also other things to be considered such as new starters, leavers, couriers, visitors, contractors. Here are just a few of the many Security Management Job measures you can take to decrease the risk of becoming a victim of crime in your workplace.

1. Question Strangers.
Many criminals seize the opportunity by Ďtailgating; or following members of staff into a building. Once inside, they have free reign to navigate around usually unhindered until they find an easy target such as an unattended laptop, mobile phone, purse or wallet. Many people see someone out of place in their office and feel too shy to approach them to ask them what they are doing. This is exactly what the thief is banking on.

2. Clear Desk Policy.
Do not leave valuables or even sensitive documents on show. If you have a laptop, lock it away at when you are leaving if you do not wish to take it with you, do not leave a wallet or cash on your desk. The most common thefts I have investigated are from people leaving cash, phones or laptops on show.

3. Install CCTV:
Before attempting to commit burglary, most thieves will carry out what is known as hostile reconnaissance to get a feel for the security culture of premises. One way to deter a would-be thief is to openly show that CCTV is in operation. Ensure the image quality is sufficient for your needs and display signage prominently. Ensure the equipment is properly maintained and footage can be easily downloaded if required by the Police.

4. Key Control:
Ensure any keys issued are tightly controlled and only issued to authorised personnel. Implement and maintain a key register which includes personís names, signature, time and date the keys were issued and when they were returned. For leavers, always ensure ID cards, access cards and keys are returned.

5. Communicate:
A culture that is beneficial to the security and safety of everybody relies on people communicating on issues or concerns relating to office security. Looking out of one another and ensuring employees know the doís and doníts of security is essential. A nominated security coordinator that reviews and updates security procedures is one idea for ensuring security is always up to date.
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6. Contact us now for a free no obligation security survey.

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