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Secure your vacant property, perform your duty of care and comply with building insurance requirements with our dedicated void property inspection team.

You will receive a tailored service as our specialist team will complete a thorough risk assessment for each individual site. The report will determine the most efficient and effective security strategy based on risk, budget and future use to secure your premises; this could be using technology solutions or with manpower solutions such as mobile response services.
Reporting for compliance and property management
You will receive real-time reports to effectively manage your property portfolio as our patrol teams manage each siteís individual requirements. Whilst patrolling your property we can take meter readings, report broken windows, take photos of graffiti etc to make sure your property remains in good condition, and manage any repairs on your behalf. The reports produced can also be used as evidence to show compliance to your insurance company.
Seamless service delivery with one point of contact
You will have one account manager and a national network of patrol officers who will manage your portfolio requirements, and make sure security measures remain operational. You will also perform your duty of care as our team ensure there are no health and safety issues, such as loose cables, broken windows etc which you could be liable for.
Save money on false alarms with technology solutions
Property inspections
As well as regular security patrols, you will receive property management and maintenance to make sure your site is kept to a high standard and you remain compliant.
You will receive reports on any changes to the building both internally and externally, and we will work with you to fix any problems. By keeping your site maintained we can minimise any damage to your property. Electricity, gas, heating and water can all be turned off or drained down to prevent burst pipes or unnecessary costs, and we will also report any issues surrounding pigeons or vermin which could present a health risk to anyone entering the premises.
Once your property becomes vacant we can change the locks to prevent unauthorised entry by previous key holders who could re-enter the premises to cause damage or remove items which do not belong to them. We will also seal your letter box to make sure there isnít a build-up of unwanted mail which can become a fire risk. You will be complying with insurance regulations as when a building is empty insurance companies insist on the property being inspected regularly. If this is not carried out your policy will become invalid.

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